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CREX World is both a trade service and a trade environment, where traders and investors looking to capitalize on the cryptocurrency trading gathered. CREX World is the crypto trading platform where you are able to automate every single aspect of your trading, so you can devote your time to the important things in your life.

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Accessing the Traders Never Been So Easy

If you are currently trading in the crypto market or looking forward to trade near future and do not have enough time to do research and training yourself, CREX World is the perfect solution and right tool.

CREX World connects experts with investors or traders who are looking to enhance their return. Whether you are an expert trader looking for investors to copy your trades or are an investor looking to capitalize on experts’ trades, CREX World is the right place you are looking for. It allows investors to copy cryptocurrency traders in real-time and automatically. It is the place where traders and investors are actively connected for mutual benefit in cryptocurrency trading.

We already created several unique competitive advantages to get a vital market share in the cryptocurrency trading market using the CREX Bot with artificial intelligence. Among them are:

  • It has professional visionaries engaged in the creation and development stages.
  • The team periodically monitors CREX Bot’s work to provide a basis for further development.
  • CREX Bot is more effective at dramatically changing market conditions with the artificial intelligence that can quickly adapt itself to the needs of the market.
  • Users may check out the record of previous traders and CREX Bot itself to make an analysis.
  • It offers functional, user-friendly, simple and secure usage.


You can join us by choosing the package to benefit from the Crexworld ecosystem. You can choose the package that suits you from the table below.


USDT 100

30 days


Future Trader
Future Bot
Spot Trader
Spot Bot


USDT 250

90 days


Future Trader
Future Bot
Spot Trader
Spot Bot


USDT 450

180 days


Future Trader
Future Bot
Spot Trader
Spot Bot


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